Why our websites are better

You have full control

With a Deal Web Design website, you are always in full control and not reliant on any web designer or company (including us). You can make changes to your website at any time, free of charge, using our unique website editing tool, with no technical experience necessary. Need to change a photo? Easy! Update your prices? It takes just a couple of minutes.

Along with your new website, you will have secure online access to an advanced, but simple to use dashboard/admin panel, where you can make changes to existing pages, add new pages or delete them, and even add new blogs posts if you have a blog.

If that's not the way you roll, no problem. We can provide a concierge service, a bit like a butler for your website, where for a small monthly amount, we'll do as many updates to your website as you require.

Mobile first approach

We design our websites to look good on all devices such as computers, laptops, tablets and mobile phones. It's reckoned that 70% or more of people viewing your website will be doing so on a mobile phone.

It's quite shocking how many websites out there still aren't even adjustable to work on a phone's small screen, and these websites are missing out on customers.

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We're not too geeky

Well, we are a bit, but we don't let the techie stuff get in the way of a good chat - we're business people first and foremost. We don't throw tech jargon at you, but talk everyday language so that we can all communicate successfully.

We're always learning new stuff

Every month, new techniques are being invented to make websites faster, more interesting, more functional, better looking, more secure and faster to load. Many website designers stick with the way they've always done it, meaning the websites they create are sluggish, jaded, out-of-date, insecure and a waste of your hard-earned cash.

We, on the other hand, thrive on learning new and better ways to build websites. In fact, we've built a leading-edge content management system (CMS) called Bonzapp, and over the years, we've built countless mobile apps and web applications for all different types of companies, ranging from simple to complex.


Many years of working on leading edge web projects for various companies has given us a unique understanding of what works - and what doesn't. Unlike so many other web design companies, we're not a WordPress shop, a one-trick-pony, meaning we don't reply on WordPress and churn out hundreds of similar vulnerable websites using one of the many free (often badly constructed) themes, that proliferate on the internet today.

Instead, we use a variety of tools to create bespoke websites for our clients that are built to do the exact job our clients require. We also have our own web design platform we call 'Bonzapp', which accelerates the process and ensures the latest innovations can be applied to your new website.

No one size fits all

We don't have a preset way of working with clients, and we would never consider pushing anyone down a particular website route. Every business is different, and will benefit most from a website designer that can understand how their business works and what would best benefit their client.

We put our clients first

Yes, I'm sure many web development companies say this, but can they genuinely say they'll advise prospective clients not to spend money with them, if they can't realistically provide the service they need?

In some cases, we may not be the best fit for your business, and if we think that's the case, we'll be upfront and honestly advise where we think you could get what you need.

We're friendly and approachable

We find the best approach with a prospective client is to talk. We're happy to bounce emails back and forth if that's preferred, but also more than happy to chat on the phone or a Zoom call, or even face-to-face for larger projects.

We don't talk 'geek', unless you want us to. Having started and run businesses over the years, we understand the unique pressures each company faces, and can help with technical and non-technical solutions to everyday business related problems. In the current not-so-healthy economic environment, we're here to help in any practical way we can, without charging the earth.

Page load speed

Warning - a little bit of technobabble - scroll past if you prefer!

Our websites are based on the latest web technology and use advanced and leading-edge techniques to ensure they load fast and work well on all devices. In internet jargon, that means we utilise static page rendering, CDN's (Content Delivery Networks), compressed CSS & scripts and dynamic cache.

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We're small

We don't mean in stature, but in terms of company size. The boss (me) is a website designer and works on websites every day - except for days off - and then sometimes as well.

And if you are (extremely) lucky sentiment_satisfied_alt, you may get a chance to speak directly to me.

Get in touch

If we've piqued your interest, call us today and let's discuss your project and how we can help.