Website Prices

We work on a range of sites from small single-page sites to very large e-commerce sites, so it's not alway possible to have a set price list. Prices vary depending on the amount of work we're asked to do.

Feel free to give us an indication of your budget, and we'll do our best to accommodate you. Of course we understand that if you are starting a new business, keeping costs to the minimum is critical, and we wouldn't want that to hinder you from getting a website.

We have a range of options, and are able to keep the cost low for many businesses by using our unique web-building software which speeds up the website construction process. For most businesses, we should be able to build your new site within a week, and for some simple websites, we can complete them within a day!

Prices for amendments, upgrades, maintenance

If you just need a fix or an alteration to your existing website, we change £50 per hour, and in most cases we can provide an idea of how long it will take to complete the work, and therefore the overall cost.


Fast and secure hosting costs from just £10 per month and includes full security updates, free SSL security certificates, and an unrivalled service.