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Mobile Apps Designed in Kent

More and more people are using mobile apps on their phone for communication, research, purchasing, assistance and generally everything that they might have previously used internet searching for.

Apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook, supermarket apps such as Tesco/Sainsburys, shopping apps like Amazon/Ebay apps, news apps and others are in common use on the average person's smartphone.

Although a website is essential, it involves customers opening a browser, searching for your website and finding the relevant page.

A mobile app on the other hand, is always on their mobile phone, with an icon on their home screen - very easy to find, and quicker to load!

Mobile apps also save (cache) important information and pages on the user's phone so it's much quicker to load, and even if their 4G or wi-fi connection is weak or non-existent, the app will still load.

Mobile App advantages over Websites

  • Your app & website are always one tap away on their home screen
  • Always with them, on their phone, in their pocket
  • No need to search the internet to find your website
  • You can send immediate notifications (messages) to their phones

What can they be used for?

Immediate private communication direct between you and them.

Publishing important information you only want selected individuals to read.

Secure directories of staff, suppliers, products, instructions, images, videos, documents, for internal use when staff are not in the office.

Quotes and calculations with set parameters.

Gathering of information such as measurements, photos of items when out of the office.

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Our Mobile App Experience

We've built many mobile apps for companies large and small and have worked alongside household names such as Tui, John Lewis and Waitrose, so we know a thing or two about mobile apps.

Type of Mobile Apps

There are three main types we build, and we can advise which would be most suitable for your needs.

  1. iPhone (IOS) mobile apps which are presented on Apple's App Store.
  2. Android mobile apps (e.g. Samsung, Motorola, Huawei, Google), which are presented on Google's Play Store.
  3. PWA's (Progressive Web Apps) which can be downloaded from your own site and work on both iPhones and Android phones.

iPhone and Android native apps can only be downloaded via Apple's or Google's stores, which can be seen as a plus point, but also as a negative.

PWA's work in a very similar way to native apps, but the download process is simpler and less onerous. Visitors simply click a link, and the link to the app is placed on their phone's home screen.

Mobile App Ideas

  1. Table reservations for restaurants, and menus including "today's specials"
  2. Food ordering from take-aways or other delivery services.
  3. Hairdressing booking mobile app
  4. Mobile app to send and receive payments, invoices, receipts.
  5. Send discount codes, evouchers, coupons, promotions to your customers.
  6. Car dealer's app to make it easy to list new cars by taking photos and entering details and publishing straight to the website while with the vehicle.
  7. Estate Agent's app to enter information and photos while visiting properties.
  8. Make it easy for customers to give you feedback.
  9. Price list always on your customer's (or staffs') mobile phone.
  10. Publish relevant important notices that are of vital concern to the recipients, along with feedback as to whether they have received and read the notice.
  11. Broadcast new products as you receive them, along with a photo and relevant information.
  12. Map, directions and contact details for your business.
  13. A staff directory allowing immediate communication via chat, email, phone text - for companies with hundreds or thousands of staff.

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