How do we work?

I’m interested in getting a new website - where do we go from here?


Initial contact - let us know as much information about what you'd like as you have, either by email, phone, or WhatsApp.

If you have a fixed budget, let us know and we can advise you on whether we can provide what you'd like within or close to that.

We will prompt you on certain aspects to get a clear idea of your requirements, and suggest aspects that could be helpful.

When we've agreed on the requirements, we’ll be in a position to confirm a price.

We work with many different types of website owners, some who just want basic online presence as soon as possible and wish for us to just get it done, some who need something very specific and wish to choose every colour, font and detail - any many somewhere in between. Let us know where you want to be.

What do we need from you to start creating your website

Let us know the following:

  1. Do you have a logo, or do you want one provided?

  2. Do you have enough photos, or do you want us to provide free stock images?

  3. Do you have the text already, or will you provide it? We can provide text as a placeholder, but it will be up to you then change to suit. If you have an existing website, do you want us to take the text/photos from that?

  4. Do you have a domain name ( or do you need one provided?

  5. Do you have a preference for styling, colour palette, fonts to use on your website? Or, if there are other websites out there that you like the styling or layout of - let us know.

Tell us about your business

Normally, we ask clients to provide the photos and text for the website, as it is likely you will have specific photos you wish to display, and you can best write the text to describe your business, services and products.

If time is lacking, or you’d like a bit of inspiration, no problem, we can help you creating the website text, and we can provide free stock images.

Bear in mind, any images (and text) displayed on your website, must be owned by you, or you have written permission by the owner to use it in this way. An alternative is to use royalty free stock images.

Aspects to consider:

  • If you provide services, let us know which ones you’d like to feature or mention on your website. If you sell products, the same applies.

  • Visitors will likely want to know about your business, your ethos, your unique features, and why they should choose you rather than someone else.

Website options - which would you like?

Would you like a blog? (reasons to have a blog here)

Individual pages with detail on each service you provide, or just a summary of the important ones on one page?

Do you have existing Google reviews? If so, we can include them automatically on your website.

Alternatively, we can provide a reviews/testimonials page, so you can add them as you receive them? - example testimonials page here.

Would you like a page for FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions)? - example FAQ's here.

How about an online gallery or image carousel to showcase your work? - example gallery here.

Would you like an online map showing your location? - example location map here.

Website Costs

When the work to be done and the price has been agreed, we ask for a 50% deposit to start. The final balance is to be paid when the site is agreed by you to be fully finished, and it is handed over to you and made live. You will have the ability to change text and photos on your site easily at any time after this.

We ask customers to set up a monthly standing order for the hosting fees. More info about hosting here.

How long does it take to create my website?

We can often complete your website within 7 days, so no hanging around on our part. Simple websites may be quicker, and if you'd like a lot of design input, it may take longer.