Free Websites in Deal, Kent

Your brand spanking new website awaits!

24 available
could have local storage number left which decrease every time you vist

We know the economy is in a mess, times are hard and most of us haven't got spare money.

Websites cost too much, and take too long, and are too complicated.

At Deal Web Design, we have a pleasant surprise for you, a limited offer free website to the first 25 people who sign up.

There are basically two options....

1. Free website

Free websites

You can have a brand new website in 3 minutes by going to this special link at

Sign up for free (no credit card required) and then select a website that matches your business, and enter the relevant details, your company name, telephone etc...

That's it - simple (and easy). A free website in 3 minutes (or less) for you to keep forever. Here's an example of one we set up earlier. Not bad for free, eh?

Modify it when you want. Add pages, change images and text. Add things. It's yours to change.

2. Nearly free website

Free websites

For as little at £99 (limited to the first 25 customers and then back to the regular price of £250), we'll set up your new site for you, and within a day you'll have a spanking new website - all yours.

Modify it when you want. Add pages, change images and text. Add things. It's yours to change.

If you'd prefer this option, simply hit the button below.

Both Options Include

Full hosting and maintenance. Yes, that's right, no hosting or maintenance charges, and yet it's fully hosted with complete security and maintained automatically.

Free SSL certificates as standard. Yes, other hosting companies charge you each year for these.

You have full control of your website at all times, and can make modifications, add pages, write your blog, add photos etc.

You can decide to add paid features, but no need if you just want something quick and free. All the basics are there - it's done!

What's the catch?

Sounds too good to be true, doesn't it? Well, we're hoping that you'll love our free (or nearly free) websites so much, and you'll get great feedback from your customers, that you'll upgrade to all the bells and whistles later. We won't ever bug you - instead we'll just be here ready to assist when you need us.

What else?

Actually, we lied - there are more than two options - probably more than 10! We build lots of different types of websites, and mobile apps. So if this offer doesn't suit, contact us to see what else we do.

If you have a potential project you like to explore, or need some help with website related tasks, we'd love to hear from you.

Let's talk!