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At Deal Web Design we create websites for clients in Deal and surrounding areas. We have many years experience in web design and website creation.

Allthough we've been making websites for many years, Deal Web Design is a new company, set up to reflect the needs of our local clients.

Previously we've built websites for a number of high profile clients - we're happy to show you our previous portfolio, but now we're specialising in websites for Deal businesses - hence the apt name for our new venture, which is Deal Web Design!

If you are considering getting a website, then we'd love to talk to you. Websites start at just £250, so they are easily affordable. We're also building a Deal Local website which will showcase Deal businesses. A page on this new site will be free for businesses located in the local area. Please feel free to contact us regarding this.

We also build websites for clients in Canterbury, Dover, Ramsgate, Margate, Ashford, Sandwich, Thanet, Folkestone and all parts of East Kent.

What sort of websites do we create?

We believe there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to website design. Our clients in Deal and surrounding areas have businesses of all different types and sizes, and we want there website to accurately reflect there business is the way that they want. A website is the best way to let potential clients know about the services you provide.

Why is Deal Web Design better?

Our websites are designed to look good and work well on all devices and screen sizes. Many of your customers now browse the web using their mobile phone, so shouldn't your website work just as well on a smartphone? We call this responsive design, which simply means that the website will adjust it's formatting, font sizes and all aspects to automatically and immediately suit the screen size of the users' device. In fact, we go one stage further and build all our website to be 'Mobile First', which means that mobile screen are foremost in our mind with each website we build. This means that all of your prospective customers can appreciate your new website at its best. No second-class citizens here!

Mobile Apps in Deal

We've built a number of mobile apps in Deal over the years. Some of which are still proudly available on the appstores, so if you are thinking of getting a mobile app for your business, we can help.

Our Portfolio

Although Deal Web Design is brand new, we've already helped a couple of Deal based clients with brand new websites. Visit AutoFresh Car Valeting or ChicDeals to see our work. You can also see some of our previous web clients at ZDT Web Design

Web Applications

We're also very experienced in building complex web applications, and have designed some popular applications being used by some household names - please feel free to ask for details.

Website Hosting in Deal

We generally manage all aspects of our clients' websites, including the hosting, as this elables us to provide a more inclusive service, rather than relying on other third parties. Our website hosting is not literally located in Deal, but we use fast and secure servers in London and other cities to enable guaranteed prime internet connections 24/7.

Free Website Monitoring

We now provide free uptime website monitoring, as standard on most of our hosting packages. This service checks your website every 5 minutes 24/7 to check that it is still live, working correctly and available to your customers. If for any reason, such as server problems, a hack attempt or other issue, we are instantly notified and can rectify it.

SEO - Search Engine Optimisation

A website is only useful if your customers see it. If they never view it, then it's like having flyers designed and printed, and then never taking them out of the box. We create websites from the start to be search-engine friendly, to maximise the exposure.

Types of websites that Deal businesses need

We build all sorts of websites, ranging from simple websites that showcase a businesses main products or services, through to CMS's (content management systems), so that the client can regularly update the web site them selves, and even eCommerce websites when clients want to sell products directly from their website.

Ebay Listing Software

For those of you who sell on Ebay, we're also building a top notch Ebay listing application which makes it quicker and easier to list products, saving time, and improving the look and content of the listings. It will also save you time, by allowing you to list the same products on other online marketplaces such as Etsy, or even your own shop, or a WordPress/WooCommerce website. More details on this coming soon.

How we approach website design

There are many things to consider before we just dive in a build a website. Although budget is obviously a key factor, let's consider some other vital considerations. Website Purpose It sounds obvious, but first outline the primary purpose for your website. It may be just to have an online presence, with contact details, your location along with directions on how to find you. For some businesses, it makes sense to include pages clearly outlining their services, so prospective clients can identify which of their services would most suit them. Think of it as a better version of a brochure, where extra pages make a negligible difference to the cost of the website. You may want to display products or services on your website that customers can purchase directly online, in effect an online shop. This is widely known as eCommerce. While eCommerce sites cost more to set up and do require regular updating, they directly provide the business with income, and can take orders and process credit or debit cards without the business owner lifting a finger. You just have to send or deliver the items to the customer. So, in summary, what is the main thing you want from the website? Display basic business information, contact details and location. Attract new customers to the business who may not have heard of your business. Outline in detail the many services or products you provide. Take orders and process payments – an online shop. Take bookings with or without payment, e.g. a restaurant, hairdresser or B&B. Help your customers with helpful information and perhaps online tools, such as an accountant may do with an online PAYE tax calculator, or a mortgage broker may do with a mortgage payment calculator. How much involvement do you want in maintaining an updating your website? For many websites, once it’s created, it will serve its purpose each time a visitor finds it. But some websites are better if they are regularly updated with new and changeable information. How often do your services change? Are you adding and removing new products to sell etc. Then consider whether you want to make these changes yourself, or for your website designer to do it for you. With modern CMS (content management systems), it’s relatively easy to make content changes to a site, changes such as updating the text, or adding a new photo etc. Opensource packages such as WordPress are available for free and enable non-technical website owners to update their own website by logging in to the website using their email address and a password. These types of sites can be useful, but they also come with some drawbacks, such as heightened vulnerability to being hacked, which we can provide more info on, or just do a Google search for WordPress vulnerabilities etc. As experts we can minimise the risk of these vulnerabilities.

What's great about Deal in Kent?

Those of us who live in or around Deal, or visit regularly, know that the town is a fantastically vibrant seaside resort. On sunny days, tourist flock to the stoney beach from Sandown Castle, along to the Deal Pier, or anywhere along the big wide stretch of coast from Walmer to Kingsdown. There is plenty of space for locals and tourists alike!

Deal has a rich history. Famous for its smugglers, Deal has a much older history than many people might suspect, along with Sandwich.

It is believed that Julius Caeser first landed in Britain at Walmer in the year 55BC, although sadly no evidence remains. History first mentions the town of Deal in the Domesday book of 1066 when it was at that time called Addelam, which means valley or dale.

By the 13th century, Deal was becoming known as a port.

in 1495, the Battle of Deal was fought on Deal beach with Henry VII successfully fighting off an invasion by Perkin Warbeck (more information about the Battle of Deal at Wikepedia), and subsequently, Henry VIII had castle constructed ad Sandown, Deal, and Walmer.





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